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At PACK EXPO 2023, we will showcase a full suite of packaging solutions, whether you are looking for an OEM to transform your entire line or a cost-effective machine to optimize a portion of your line. The critical point we want to drive home is that we got your back no matter your motivation or need. We've assembled our top integration and advanced technology partners to display what is possible today with robotic automation and, better yet, how it impacts your bottom line. So let’s get started in booth SL-6314. 

Whether you would like to join our in-booth cocktail hour, simply let us know you are coming or interested in pre-chat with a robotics expert. Please use the below contact form to reach out to us.



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Why Kawasaki?


You may already have a robot brand in mind or be indifferent about which robot brand to use. Either way, this is the portion where we give you the short list of why you should consider partnering with Kawasaki Robotics before introducing the excellent integration and advanced technology partners we work with to provide next-level packaging solutions. 


    • 100 hundred years of manufacturing expertise go into our robot arms.
    • Most application-specific options come standard.
    • Patented internal dress design for easy installation and maintenance with minimized wear.
    • Our open architecture and hardware-agnostic stance allow us to work with the best technology in the world.
    • Our global service and support teams work with you to find the right solution remotely—a complimentary service to all customers and partners.
    • No hidden costs for software, manuals, training, remote service calls, etc.  
    • We offer through-life engineering services. 
    • Training courses & exclusive online resources and tools.
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NOVA Automation at PACK EXPO 2023, Booth SL-6314


Showcasing a NOVA Automation palletizing solution in our booth at PACK EXPO is a natural choice.  NOVA Automation is a long-standing integration partner of Kawasaki Robotics, whose mission is to solve complex challenges with innovative automated packaging solutions that transform processes, people, and businesses.


NOVA Automation brings 25+ years of automation knowledge to the table. Even though they can tackle any size challenge, at PACK EXPO 2023, we will showcase their mobile palletizing cell integrated with a MiR 500. The Mobile Palletizing Cell allows companies of all sizes to palletize their product more consistently and efficiently. It’s as simple as picking up the palletizing cell with a forklift, placing it where you want it, connecting it to power and air, and it’s ready to go.

The video below provides an in-depth look at NOVA's entry-level robotic palletizing solution, the MPC -80 mobile palletizing cell, in action at a customer facility in Ohio.


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ICON Robotics at PACK EXPO 2023, Booth SL-6314


ICON Robotics is an automation solutions provider that has been “Engineering Better Outcomes”, since 1972. ICON is much more than an integrator, with in-house capabilities to Design, Engineer, Manufacture, Acceptance Test, Install, Service, and Support the entire system. Equipment engineered to work together simplifies operation and eliminates component redundancy, reducing complexity and cost while increasing uptime.


At PACK EXPO, we will showcase ICON’s High-Speed MultiPack Palletizer featuring a Kawasaki CP180 Robot equipped with an ICON custom-designed, full-layer, Palletizing / DePalletizing gripper. The simulation demonstrates handling entire pallet layers of product in Palletizing and DePalletizing applications. Production rates of over 100 cartons per minute is easily achieved.     



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“ICONs' work delivering the Compact Palletizer program has exceeded expectations. We believe all the qualities that helped you win this award “Capital supplier of the year” (sound engineering, technical innovation, flexibility and responsiveness, fabrication and FATs, installation and field support, and competitive pricing) will enable ICON to continue to grow with Frito Lay" 

- Vincent Bush, Frito Lay BI Flexible Automation Team, USA. 

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Dexterity AI at PACK EXPO 2023, Booth SL-6314


It doesn't matter if it's big, small, boxed, bagged, or damaged. Dexterity's full-capability robotic solutions can handle the most complex tasks, intelligently picking, packing, stacking, palletizing, and depalletizing products without changing existing workflows. Dexterity has provided autonomous package induction, mixed SKU fulfillment, and random depalletization solutions to a number of customers.
At PACK EXPO 2023, we will showcase the brains behind the intelligent robotic solutions, allowing you to fully experience the AI-based platform that powers the entire Dexterity offering. We encourage you to bring your most complex packaging challenge to the team at PACK EXPO and experience the problem-solving capabilities of Dexterity first-hand. 


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APERA AI at PACK EXPO 2023, Booth SL-6314


Apera AI can give your robots human-like speed, sight, and perception. Making your bin picking, packaging, and assembly workcells fast, reliable and precise is now possible.


"We saw an almost 9% increase in accuracy to 99% through the [Apera Vue] vision system. From a cost savings perspective, we have been able to reduce repair and manpower and improve part quality into our customer." Don Cumming, General Manager, Flex-N-Gate


Come see for yourself at PACK EXPO how fast an APERA-powered Kawasaki robot can pick and accurately rotate and place random chip bags. The robot is given pose estimation and path planning information through the Apera Vue software embedded in its controller. A safe path that avoids collisions is planned. Because the object is trained into an AI neural network using CAD drawings or 3D scans, these steps can happen very quickly.

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