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The term “shore up,” as defined by Merriam-Webster, means to support (something) or keep (something) from falling by placing something under it. Much like a great foundation is needed to keep a house standing; robotic automation is required to support your operations and, consequently, your business outcomes.


To help shore up your operations, we quickly recognized we could not solve all the problems and set out to build an ecosystem of technology partners, our own supply chain of trust, to tackle your process, technology, and human resource problems from a full spectrum viewpoint. To build resilience in the ever-changing supply chain landscape is to have an adaptable automation strategy that shifts mindsets from outputs to outcomes, has been tested for the “What ifs,” and includes a trusted network of technology partners.


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At MODEX 2024, booth C5475, we are thrilled to showcase our partner ecosystem in an impressive display of robotic technology that will have a measurable impact on your bottom line. We have teamed up with CRG Automation, recognized by TIMEs as a top innovator in the robotics space, voted an outstanding Kawasaki Robotics partner, and named Best Place to Work in Louisville and Kentucky to showcase future-proof automation technology.

  • Mixed Palletizing and Depalletizing: Designed to master the complexities of unstructured multi-SKU pallets, CRG Automation's palletizing/depalletizing solution featuring a BX130X robot stands as a beacon for fulfillment and handling processes. Powered by Dexterity's machine learning software, this system effortlessly adapts to diverse product types and sizes, achieving continuous operation with speed and accuracy, ensuring labor safety, and boosting operations. The cell will also include an automated print and apply station engineered to meet the dynamic needs of 3PL, Retail, and CPG brands, which can apply labels at the rate of 300 cases per hour at approximately twice the speed of traditional manual operations.
  • Advanced Print & Applied Application: With a rate of 300 cases per hour, our system operates at approximately twice the speed of traditional manual operations, significantly boosting productivity and efficiency in high-volume, fast-paced environments.

  • C-BAS: Robotic Corner Board Application System: Featuring a Kawasaki RS007L, it uses proprietary technology to place corner boards on pallets while being wrapped, ensuring overall load stability. With an impressive capability to process up to 100 unit loads per hour and a generous capacity to hold up to 150 corner boards of various sizes, C-BAS stands out as a powerhouse in enhancing productivity and operational efficiency while keeping products safe during transportation. Furthermore, the C-BAS system will be monitored by 'Olis', an edge-hosted remote monitoring and remote error recovery product. the plug-and-play software allows you to monitor, diagnose, and recover your robotic processes from anywhere, boosting productivity.
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Olis Robotics


We are excited to announce our NEW partnership with Olis Robotics at MODEX 2024. Olis Robotics catalyzes automation adoption by providing users with the best remote-control experience for industrial robots. The company’s flagship ‘Olis’ system enables remote monitoring, control, and troubleshooting of new and fielded industrial robots. When robots fail, Olis provides the facts people need to fix errors and regain control of the production process. 

  • Reduces unplanned downtime by up to 90%.
  • Enables machine builders to grow 25% faster.
  • Users connect directly to their edge-devices via a secure connection. 
  • Designed to always obey the robot’s onsite safety restrictions.

Founded in 2013 as a spinout from the University of Washington’s Applied Physics Lab, Olis Robotics builds on over a decade of telerobotics R&D conducted in collaboration with the U.S. Navy and NASA. Olis Robotics has offices and lab space in Seattle’s Fremont neighborhood.


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Why Kawasaki?


You may already have a robot brand in mind or be indifferent about which robot brand to use. Either way, this is the portion where we give you the short list of why you should consider partnering with Kawasaki Robotics before introducing the excellent integration and advanced technology partners, we work with to provide next-level automation solutions.

    • 100 hundred years of manufacturing expertise go into our robot arms.
    • Most application-specific options come standard.
    • Patented internal dress design for easy installation and maintenance with minimized wear.
    • Our open architecture & hardware-agnostic stance allow us to work with the best technology in the world.
    • Our global service and support teams work with you to find the right solution remotely—a complimentary service to all customers and partners.
    • No hidden costs for software, manuals, training, remote service calls, etc.
    • We offer through-life engineering services.
    • Training courses & exclusive online resources and tools.
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